Memories of Pete

  • The time she got her tail caught in the handle of a paper bag that she was inside, freaked out and backed up across the room, trying to shake the bag loose, then got caught in the lower rungs of the dining room chairs, still trying to shake the bag loose
  • The time she sniffed too close to a candle flame and singed off her whiskers
  • In the house in NE Portland, launching from the tall dressers in our bedroom to the bed every night
  • Running laps in the apt, haus, and condo
  • Being my bug pointer
  • The time she tried to follow us to the coffeeshop in Brooklyn, regardless of traffic, and we had to lock her in the haus for her own safety
  • Having to block open doorways (in and out) so she wouldn’t make a run for it (and then stand outside with no idea what to do next)
  • Finding her curled up in the Big Mama plant
  • Making forts with the living room rug by running and then sliding on the rug to make wrinkles and ridges
  • When we hung a whip from the ceiling because she couldn’t walk by it without playing with it
  • How she leaned against me while I ate or read
  • Sitting on my arm or wrist when I use the computer
  • Chasing the mouse cord
  • Weekend morning serenades
  • The time we freaked her out with a remote control toy car
  • The time she laid in the windowsill all afternoon with her tongue sticking out
  • The time she tore through the paper bamboo window shades because we were outside
  • The time she crawled through the mini-blinds to look out the window
  • The time she lived in my parents’ basement
  • The time she drooled into my mouth right as I was telling her how special she is
  • How she used to jump into our cars when we got home
  • How she chirped at birds and other cats
  • The time she fell asleep on top of the computer speakers and printer, or on the fax machine
  • The time she chased the outline of a cat drawing on a piece of paper
  • How she tried to pick up and play with the stripes on our sheets
  • How she herded me into the craft room when the food bowl was less than overflowing full
  • How she toppled the water holding bottle of her feeder when it ran low
  • The new year’s puke
  • How she stretched out in sunbeams
  • How she loved exploring cupboards
  • Playing hockey with me with her toys
  • How she ruined my office chair and fiercely tore out the stuffing
  • How she always wanted onto the bed while I was making it, and wouldn’t budge until she was covered with the sheet
  • The way she whumped down onto my neck and chest to take a nap
  • How she learned when it was time to leave the bedroom so I could go to bed or to work
  • How her tail shook when she followed me into the kitchen every morning
  • How she used to perch on the office chair while I was working
  • How she’d purr and get drool bubbles on her muzzle when I petted her
  • The time she saw a horse and hissed at it
  • How she used to bark at invisible things she suddenly saw in the air
  • How much she loved watching tv, esp the HD screen
  • How she loved drinking your water out of your glass, pushing her head well into the glass to reach
  • The way she rolled onto the top of her head and stretched out her paw to beg for attention
  • The way she jabbed out one paw when she was cuddling (aka “kitty boner”)
  • "Pizza Monkey," "Chunky Monkey," "Petey Wheatcakes," "My sweet lady," "Snugglebug"
  • How much she loved boxes, twist ties, rubber bands, bottle caps, pens, jewelry, and pushing things onto the floor
  • Jumbo shrimp sleeping position
  • Straight-legged sleeping
  • How she would curl up on the backs on my legs if I was doing something on my knees
  • Rolling around on the carpet with me
  • Climbing up inside the fake xmas tree
  • Stretching out her back legs while snuggling
  • Head butts
  • Standing with all four paws in a perfect row
  • Waiting at the top of the stairs, meowing when I get home
  • The time she got on up the roof and couldn’t figure out how to get down
  • Making biscuits
  • Cooing
  • Nudging my hand for more pets
  • Chasing the laser pointer until she was panting
  • Folding down her ears so I could pet her whole face with my hand — nose, eyeballs, and cheeks
  • The way she always climbed on the people who are allergic to cats
  • The way she perched on a pillow or clean laundry like a throne
  • The way she went nutty rubbing her face on dryer sheets, laundry that had been bleached, and well-worn shoes (esp Clark and Cosmo’s)
  • Call and repeat conversations

flexible chair


flexible chair

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name: Ann

nickname: Hammer, Hamma, Sister, Amerieeee

birthday: 11/20

gender: Female

sexuality: Bi

height: 5’2”

timezone: Pacific

time and date where you are: 6:55pm, 9/10/14

average hours of sleep a night: 7

last thing you googled: Ad specs for a magazine

most used phrase(s): I know, right?

first word that comes to mind: Kitty.

last thing you said to a family member: “Thank you, Sister!”

place that makes me happy and why: Camp Whispering Winds Girl Scout camp because camping. Srsly. Singing camp songs all day is not only tolerated but encouraged. Nicknames (mine is Newt) and campfires and summer breezes and being dirty and intense, full days with amazing women and mostly great kids that are learning who they are separate from their parents and the outside world.

how many blankets do you sleep with: One amazing quilt that my sister made, and a fleece blanket in winter.

favorite beverage(s): Salted caramel mocha.

last movie you saw in theaters: Guardians of the Galaxy, in Walla Walla with my dad.

what can you not live without: Coffee, phone, tampons, nail clippers,  magnet shaped like a goat with springy legs

what do you plan on learning: HTML5, knitting, the right thing to say, adulting

piece of advice to your followers: Don’t be a dick.

other blogs you have: Nose Fetish

I tag: no one!

Art (for students starting out)

In the modern era, Art (with a capital A) is actually pure expression. This is true whether your work ever gets seen or not. Being good at technical drawing is not being “good at art.” Realistic work is illustration, a skill that can be taught, practiced, and honed. ART doesn’t look like real life.

I learned that in college. If you want to study art in college because you’re good at it, pick a college whose student work looks like yours. I’m not kidding about this. You will not get good grades if your style does not match the professors’ tastes. (You will keep your scholarships if you learn to imitate your profs’ work and say what they want to hear.) There is so much you can learn about art (without the conflict and humiliation) in a supportive atmosphere.

Or just make stuff because you can’t help but make stuff. Try every medium. Learn technique by imitation, then make it your own. Figure out how to make your work say what you want to say.

I have all this advice but expression eludes me. I’m all technique and no soul. Design has been a very fulfilling and lucrative route for me. It’s what I’m good at. But I’m well aware that it’s not Art.

Design is deliberate, and meant to communicate in culturally predictable ways. It’s done entirely with the audience in mind, made for the purpose of results. There is a distinction! Creations that are made to be sold are Design. For example, paintings made to be pleasing are interior design. A painting made to express joy (to the artist), regardless of anyone else’s perception, I call Art.

Keep making things. What you want from it will emerge soon enough.


when you kiss your babe and your bae still mad at you..


when you kiss your babe and your bae still mad at you..


Submitted by Roy Gregson


Submitted by Roy Gregson

“Today the client told us to “really think outside the box on this one, but stick to the template or the brand team will never approve it.””

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This is the first tattoo design that I have ever considered having done on my skin. Ever.

This is the first tattoo design that I have ever considered having done on my skin. Ever.

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skinny people mad over nicki minaj’s lyrics, please multiply your feelings by 24/7 and then u will perhaps understand a little bit what thick girls may be going thru when your bodies are the ones that are served in stores, represented, desired and glorified……you can cope with 1 song not about u…………….we can do it together. i believe in u 

Yes yes y’all.

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Every time I look at this picture, or even think about this picture, I can’t stop laughing.

Every time I look at this picture, or even think about this picture, I can’t stop laughing.

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